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New Cobra Mini 750 Auto Detailing Spotter Combines Lightweight Mobility With Large Capacity Tank, Two-Stage Vacuum, And High-Heat To Create The Most Powerful Auto Detailing System Available.


Vancouver, Wash. – April 4, 2024 – U.S. Products, the leader in commercial Jan-San cleaning extractors, today launched the new Cobra Mini 750 Auto Detailing Spotter System. The new Cobra Mini 750 is designed for fast cleaning of small areas, upholstery and auto detailing, and is the lightest, fastest-heating, highest capacity auto detailing spotter available on the market.


The new Cobra Mini 750 Spotter is a powerful new system that exceeds the demanding requirements of the Auto Detailing Professional. The Cobra Mini 750 is lightweight, maneuverable, and delivers increased cleaning capability and water recovery via its strong, two-stage vacuum motor.


The Cobra Mini 750 vacuum has a 750-watt heater, and 85-inches of lift to quickly recover water. Its instant high-heat reduces drying time 20 percent over any detailing product on the market. This reduces auto detailing drying time and allows operators to clean and finish more vehicles per day.


The Cobra Mini 750 also has a 55-psi spotter capability and 95-cubic feet per minute (CFM), that will deep clean even the most stubborn auto carpet stains and dirt. The Cobra Mini 750 also includes a large six-gallon capacity that gives detailers the ability to have continuous operation and clean more vehicles in less time.


“Auto Detailers need to move fast. And clean and extract dirt quickly to get vehicle surfaces spotless and dry. Detailers told us they wanted a powerful, high heat, fast-lift, large-capacity spotter system to help them handle all vehicle cleaning challenges,” said Jon Smalley, U.S. Products CEO. “The Cobra Mini 750 is the new standard for the auto detailing industry. The Cobra Mini 750 allows professional detailers to complete jobs quicker and achieve higher volume and revenue.”


About Auto Detailing Spotters

Auto detailing businesses clean exteriors and interiors of multiple vehicles of all sizes and uses per day. Automotive detailing involves a “detailed” cleaning process, oftentimes accompanied by the restoration and deep cleaning of soiled carpets and upholstery. The detailing business has become a multi-billion-dollar industry. The global auto detailing market was valued at $33.27 billion in 2022.


Auto Detailers must be able to effectively reach and deep-clean carpets, floor and upholstery crevices in vehicles. Detailing in tight spaces demands a mobile, powerful spotter system to help workers quickly clean and restore these hard-to-reach areas.


Auto Detailing Spotter Systems must be compact, lightweight and portable, with a large liquid capacity for cleaning and extraction. These spotters must also provide continuous operation so that cleaning crews can deliver touch-free cleaning.  A mobile, high-psi, high-heat spotter system uses water pressure to deep clean carpets and hard-to-reach areas. Adjustable spotter systems allow users to scale cleaning to the exact amount of lift needed to deep-clean all surface areas in a vehicle.


Cobra Mini 750 Auto Detailing Spotter Availability

The Cobra Series of powerful, mobile, compact, heated spotters are a favorite of professional cleaners for auto detailing, upholstery, and small area carpets. They’re easy to lift and maneuver, and give operators fast, efficient professional-grade cleaning capabilities.

The new Cobra Mini 750 is designed for fast cleaning of small areas, upholstery and auto detailing – with a sizzling hot 750-watt heater, powerful two-stage vacuum motor, convenient caddy for storing tools and cleaning solutions, and industry-leading warranty. The Cobra Mini 750 ships with a Trident UPH Professional Upholstery Tool and 10 feet of hose, to get detailers rolling in minutes.


The Cobra Mini 750 Auto Detailing Spotter is available now via the U.S. Products Website or via authorized worldwide U.S. Products Dealers and Representatives. For more information, contact U.S. Products at


About U.S. Products

U.S. Products Extractors are used by thousands of commercial cleaning departments to increase compliance, cleanliness and faster operation in facilities including: hospitality, medical, education, multi-dwelling, restaurants, office buildings, care facilities, government and food production.


Jan-San rental operations, dealers, and 3rd party commercial cleaning supplies companies rely on U.S. Products Extractors. The superior U.S. Products dual vacuum extractors and wands improve a facility’s sanitation, prolong carpet life, and reduce job time.


U.S. Products extractors are designed and built in the USA. The company built its reliable, powerful systems over 30+ years of technology development and customer service. U.S. Products backs its market-leading solutions with a 10-year limited housing warranty, the longest of any commercial extractors. For more information or to find a local U.S. Products Dealer, contact the company at:, or Phone: +1-360-450-2694

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