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Myth Or Fact: Heat Has Value In The Floor Cleaning Process?

Fact: In carpet and upholstery cleaning, higher temperatures assist the process by helping break down oily residues which are harder to remove from fibers than dry soils.

Carpet/Floor Cleaning Has To Change

New factors in carpet/floor cleaning demand new solutions. Vacuuming cannot remove the dirt and residue that is left by the environmental dirt and oils that are tracked deep into carpets by foot traffic today.

The trend is towards hot water extraction. Heat is the single largest differentiator in carpet restoration. In combination with high pressure and low moisture (.8 GPM), hot water extraction provides superior results with quick dry times.

  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is a popular method that utilizes a specialized extractor, cleaning solution, hot water, a cleaning wand/tool, and a powerful vacuum to remove dirt and debris from carpet fibers.
  • Carpet extractors combine hot temperature of the water with the detergent and pressure to penetrate deep into carpet fibers.
  • These machines then extract the water and remove the dirt. The powerful suction removes a significant amount of water so carpet will dry within minutes. This method leaves carpets fresh and rejuvenated.

10 Reasons to Use a Hot Water Carpet Extractor

  1. Over 85% of Carpet Mills Recommend Hot Water Extraction as the specific method for cleaning.
  2. Heat tends to soften and fluff carpet fiber so they regain some of their original lift and resilience.
  3. Most carpet/floor detergents are formulated to work more efficiently at higher temperatures.
  4. Hot water evaporates faster. Less moisture provides faster drying. And also reduces the chance of mold or mildew.
  5. Faster evaporation (and moisture extraction) reduces cleaned area downtime because the carpet dries faster. Areas can be accessed more quickly. This can be a revenue boost for hospitality operations that need to quickly turn around rooms and private use areas.
  6. Operational requirements have changed. Many operations now must sanitize and clean more often to meet company (and customer) standards. These companies require deeper cleaning, and more convenient equipment operation.
  7. Crews have to clean more space. Quickly. They want to clean efficiently and have long run times between water fill and
  8. Cleaning equipment must be simple to use. There’s less skilled labor available. And little time to train (new) crews.
  9. Hot water extraction also delivers the highest soil recovery rate of all methods. And hot water extraction is gentle on carpet fibers.
  10. The hot water carpet extraction process is more effective than standard steam cleaning.


A powerful vacuum is simply not enough for carpet cleaning.

Hot water extraction uses high pressure water to create powerful fraction against stubborn dirt particles and grime that collects on the surface of carpets. This helps to remove a top layer of dirt that rests on a carpet and resists the suction of a vacuum.  For the deeply embedded dirt and grime in the carpet fibers and the settled dirt at the bottom of the carpet, the power of the pressure and the chemicals in the detergent break this dirt down and make it easier to be picked up by the equipment’s vacuum.

Using hot water and high pressure is recommended at least twice per year to complement the work of your vacuum. The hot water can strip away the grime that has built-up and can help to restore carpet to its original luster

The hot water extraction method requires machines that have the required amounts of pressure to administer the hot water and detergent at high speeds.

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