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The New Kraken

U.S. Products, a leader in commercial jan/san cleaning and flood extractors, has launched the new Kraken Professional-Grade Flood Restoration Extractor.

“The Kraken Flood Restoration Extractor is designed for the demanding requirements of professional restoration and large building maintenance operations that are tasked with removing water and cleaning floor areas, in order to reduce damage from flooding or broken pipes,” according to a press release. “The new U.S. Products’ Professional-Grade Kraken includes dual vacuum motors, cooling fan and mufflers, and relies simply on 15-amp power sources. These features combine to make the U.S. Products’ Kraken the most powerful, fastest, quietest professional grade restoration flood extractor on the market.”

“Minutes matter. When there’s a flood, broken pipe, or water leak emergency, it’s important to get the liquid out fast and the area cleaned up. Professional restoration requires immediate extraction and pumping. We built the Kraken to provide both,” Jon Smalley, U.S. Products CEO, said. “The Kraken is also the quietest flood pump extractor available anywhere. This is a big deal when multiple pieces of equipment are running, or occupants are in the residence or building. Clearly, the Kraken is the new standard for the restoration industry.”

About Water, Flood, Broken Pipe Restoration

A water leak, flood, overflow or broken pipe recovery is a race against time. Floods, leaks, malfunctioning appliances, or overflowing drains require immediate restoration to floors, carpets and areas before the damage becomes significant.

Water restoration professionals work to remove excess water, take away damaged items, and restore building structures and contents. These 24/7 restoration operations — and their equipment — must perform swiftly to prevent damage to flooring, walls, and even areas in floors below. Restoration companies must also quickly clean and dry areas to reduce the chance of unwanted fungal and bacterial growth.

As a result, these restoration response teams and large care and residence facilities, require efficient water removal, cleaning, heating and even sump pump equipment to get the job done rapidly and effectively — and return the property to normal.

“The new Kraken system allows professional teams to complete jobs quicker and achieve new levels of operational productivity. Plus, the Kraken even acts as a sump pump if needed. The Kraken is the best, most reliable professional-grade restoration extractor available in the market,” Smalley added.


New U.S. Products’ Kraken Features and Availability:

  • Dual top-mounted vacuum motors.
  • 4-inch vacuum motor cooling fan & mufflers for major sound reduction.
  • Two-Stage 136-inch lift and 240 Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) air flow.
  • 15 amp maximum per cord power requirement.
  • 25-feet of 2-inch vacuum hose and 50-feet of 1.5-inch dump hose with quick release clamp attachment.

The new U.S. Products’ Kraken is available now through the U.S. Products Website or via authorized worldwide U.S. Products Dealers and Representatives. For more information, contact U.S. Products at



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