Superior Quality

U.S. Products Returns! Proudly Made in the U.S.A. Again

“Since I started manufacturing equipment for the commercial floor cleaning industry, U.S. Products has been a name that was continually brought up as a benchmark for quality and innovation.

And I am proud to announce that U.S. Products is back, and once again “Made in the USA”.

We have not only brought back the U.S. Products brand, but also the technical design power along with it. For both veterans of the U.S. Products brand and newer cleaning enthusiasts ready to get their hands on equipment they can depend on throughout their careers, our team is pleased to express our
dedication to continuing the legacy of pioneering
innovations and hardcore durability- for this and future generations of professional cleaners.

U.S. Products is THE brand for professional cleaners who want an impressive lineup of dominant and
reliable machines that they don’t have to take a risk on, with the first-class customer service and support.”

Jonathan Smalley, President U.S. Products