Proudly Creating Extractors for 30 Years.

U.S. Products: The Leader in Commercial Jan-San Floor Cleaning Extractors.

U.S. Products is the leader in development and production of commercial Jan-San Cleaning Extractors.

The U.S. Products product line is manufactured in, and distributed from, Vancouver, Washington.

U.S. Products extractors are used by thousands of commercial cleaning departments to increase compliance, cleanliness and faster operation in facilities including: hospitality, medical, education, multi-dwelling, restaurants, office buildings, care facilities, government and food production.

The U.S. Products dual vacuum extractors and wands increase cleaning ability and reduce drying time 20 percent greater than any products on the market. The reduced drying time allows cleaning teams to complete jobs faster. Hundreds of Jan-San dealers and 3rd party commercial cleaning supplies companies rely on, and resell, U.S. Products extractors.

The superior U.S. Products dual vacuum extractors and wands improve a facility’s cleanliness, and reduce job time.

U.S. Products built its reliable, powerful systems over more than 30+ years of technology development and customer service.

U.S. Products backs its market-leading solutions with a 10-year limited housing warranty, the longest of any commercial extractors.

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us products, carpet cleaners, made in usa
us products, carpet cleaners, made in usa