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Why Extractor Heat is Important

Commercial and operational sanitation and maintenance crews want a superior extractor tool that delivers the most power, the greatest durability and the best heated cleaning for the fastest drying time.

Extractor water heaters create more effective cleaning. Water helps break down stains and dirt, and becomes the vehicle for extraction. Hot water breaks up stubborn contamination.

Advanced heaters immediately breakdown the dirt, grease and stains in carpet, grout or hard surfaces. Powerful extractors will clean carpet with water that’s heated to up to 210 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fast heating helps professional cleaning crews increase productivity and efficiency. Fast heat helps these operators clean, dry and cover more surface area.

Checklist: When Selecting a Heated Extractor

  • The better or more advanced the heater, the better the extraction.
  • dvanced extractor heaters reduce commercial floor cleaning drying time.
  • By reducing the time it takes for areas to be cleaned, an operation can turn around the space faster and increase area usability and worksite revenue.
  • This allows operators to improve their productivity and revenue by cleaning and finishing incrementally more square footage in a day.

Watch how powerful heaters are designed and developed for professional high-productivity extractors.

Team member with extractor
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