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By January 22, 2021No Comments

The professional carpet cleaners have spoken and we listened. One of the greatest needs in the market is a powerful and compact, portable extractor.

The Stallion 10.0 is here to provide all the power of a large extractor in a smaller more compact unit that can be easily taken almost anywhere! A perfect addition to your line-up of machines, this extractor can get in and out of small spaces and give you the power to deep clean almost anything- carpets, upholstery, auto and more!

A slightly smaller version of its big brother the Stallion 10, the Stallion 8.0 is an even more compact unit! This machine will take care of all your extractor needs and can get in and out of the tightest spaces with ease.

Call us today with any questions or to place your order 360.980.2716!

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