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Maximum Velocity Consistent Airflow Means Lightening-Fast Dry Times.

Do you ever find that carpet around the outer edges of your strokes are left with more retained moisture than the middle?

This common problem is the result of traditional wand heads not being able to obtain maximum airflow throughout the entire length of your wand head.

The remaining moisture can cause you to have to repeat strokes or, leave the carpet wet, increasing dry time.
Get maximum-velocity laminar airflow with the leading-edge split head design of the Sharp Shooter Series of Professional Carpet Wands.

Sharp Shooter 16.0 &  13.0 Wands are engineered to maximize consistant airflow so you get a perfectly even, and lightening fast dry times.

Become the fasted draw in the West and see for yourself the difference in dry times that the new Sharp Shooter Wands can make with each stroke!

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