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Increase customer satisfaction and cleaning team efficiency:

• Start with a thorough vacuuming.
• Use a fabric or bristle brush.
• Ensure quick and complete drying.
• Take advantage of new high-lift Heated Extractor / Spotters for faster, more complete cleaning.

Carpets in automobiles are different to carpets in any other location because they can be awkward to clean in a cramped space. Luckily, as professionals, this is what we expect to encounter in our everyday work.
• Carpets are always an issue, especially when they have been neglected for a while and have built up many stains in the same area.
• Stubborn stains are the bread and butter for automobile cleaning professionals.
• It’s more than just making your customer’s car look good; You want to get the job done quickly and efficiently. And leave the carpet clean and dry.

1. Start with a thorough vacuuming
Remove all floor mats. Shake them well, then, use a vacuum with a brush attachment. Rinse-wash and wipe if needed.
• Always vacuum the carpets and upholstery well, especially before using a car upholstery cleaner. Good vacuuming picks up loose dirt, crumbs, and other small messes from the car seats, floor, and other areas.
• Vacuum the carpet and upholstery with a high-lift, powerful Carpet Spotter-Vacuum. The spotter’s brush attachment will lift the dirt off the surface and avoid pushing the dirt deeper into the fabric during cleaning.

2. Clean where the “sun don’t shine.”
Most dirt and grit are worked into the nap of the carpet and becomes trapped in the fibers.
• Using a stiff brush will help work the trapped grit from fibers. With vinyl, use a stiffer brush.
• Use a softer brush to whisk dust from panel seams, vents, and around tight areas where the vacuum cannot reach. Use a soft-bristled brush if you have cloth seats.
• Use a portable Extractor to easily under the seats and tight spaces.
• Pay extra attention to spots where dirt tends to gather – near doors, where people rest their feet, and under the seats and close to the air vents.

3. Ensure Quick and Complete Drying
Drying the interior of the car well after cleaning is super important. Leaving it wet could damage the inside area, especially if the car has cloth seats or padding.
• When cleaning, try to use liquids sparingly. This means applying small amounts of car upholstery cleaner. It’s better to prevent the fabric from getting too wet in the first place (See: Use a Heated Extraction / Spotter Tool)
• One of the biggest mistakes many detailers make is finishing the job, closing the doors, rolling up windows, and putting floor mats back inside before they are completely dry.
• Give your Cleaning Crew plenty of time to complete the job. Keep the doors open and windows rolled down. For extra drying, consider adding a de-humidifier inside the vehicle before delivering to the customer.

4. Use a Heated Extraction / Spotter Tool
Hot water Extractors / Spotters deliver high pressure carpet shampoo that is mixed with warm water and pushed through the carpet fibers. This will soften the dirt and eliminate food spills or pet odors.
• An Extractor’s vacuum will then extract the water and the dirt together. Extractors super-clean the carpets and leave them almost dry.
• This is a significantly superior treatment for the carpet and one that your clients will appreciate.
• Extractors work well on different kinds of carpet and upholstery, including cloth and vinyl. Extractors don’t rely on harsh chemicals, so they’re good for the environment
• Clean the carpet by moving the Extractor head in both directions. ways. Use the high-lift vacuum in your Extractor) to fully remove liquid from the carpets.

Prepare yourself and your cleaning team in advance to be able to identify, reach, clean and restore all surface types. These surface types, including varied carpet surfaces, require different cleaning approaches and extractor pressure to clean – but not damage them.

Adjustable psi extraction systems allow users to scale cleaning to the exact amount of pressure needed to deep-clean all surface areas in carpet or upholstery. These extraction systems must be compact, portable and provide continuous operation so that cleaning crews can touch-free clean and restore surfaces, and have the surfaces clean, dry and ready for use in minutes.

You can keep your carpets looking fresh and extend their lifespan when you follow specific cleaning procedures.
• Follow general cleaning tips apply to most stains regardless of the carpet type.
• Use an extractor for auto carpets and tough upholstery stains.

Next Steps
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