6-Pack SmaK Cleaning Solutions for Hard Surface & Carpet

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SmaK Odor Slam

PH 7-8 | Odor Neutralizer, Non-Quaternary-Based | 1 gallon liquid

  • A proprietary blend of malodor counteractants and fragrances designed to deliver the maximum in odor neutralizing capabilities at an economical price
  • Designed to work in applications where solvent-based or bacterial enzyme products are inappropriate
  • Safe for fifth generation and stain-resistant carpet
  • Odor Slam Safety Data Sheet

SmaK Powdered Defoamer
PH N | Powdered Anti Foaming Agent | 7.5lb jar-powder

  • A free flowing, dry crystalline defoamer that is sprinkled on the carpet prior to cleaning to provide continuous elimination of foam in the recovery tank during extraction
  • Prevents build up of foam in equipment lines and recovery tank
  • Use in portables, truck-mount units and self-contained machines
  • SmaK Powdered Defoamer Safety Data Sheet

SmaK Acid Rinse
PH 2-3| Carpet Rinsing Agent | 1 gallon liquid

  • Most important step in carpet cleaning is rinsing away detergent and alkali residues after the cleaning process is complete
  • Guards against alkali browning and leaves carpets feeling soft while adding a luxurious sheen
  • Helps stabilize dyes, inhibits browning and color bleeding
  • Mint scent
  • SmaK Acid Rinse Safety Data Sheet

SmaK Trashed Pre-Rinse
PH 12-13 | Super Strength Powder Pre-Spray | 7.5lb jar powder

  • A high pH powder pre-spray that dissolves quickly and completely and melts away the toughest carpet soils without extended dwell time
  • Works great on olefin and nylon carpets
  • Great for use is restaurants, apartments, commercial and industrial properties
  • Contains powdered oxygen and enzymes to fight stains
  • Fortified with d-Limonene
  • SmaK Trashed Safety Data Sheet

SmaK Tile Whiz
PH 12-13 | Alkaline Tile Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate | 1 gallon liquid

  • Extremely effective in removing grease, oil and soils from glazed and unglazed ceramic tile, saltillo, quarry tile, concrete, brick and porcelain
  • Lemon scent and water-based
  • SmaK Tile Whiz Safety Data Sheet

SmaK Tile and Grout Restorer
PH 1.5-2 | Acidic Restorative Tile and Grout Cleaner | 1 gallon liquid

  • Works on the acid side of the pH scale removing soils and stains on grout, tile, and stone that have been neglected for years
  • Removes a very thin layer of grout, taking with it all hard water deposits, soap scum and efflorescence
  • Renews the appearance of ceramic tile, porcelain tile, grout, granite, slate and sandstone
  • Use when alkaline cleaners fail
  • SmaK Tile and Grout Restorer Safety Data Sheet
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